Natural Resources Project Reviews

The Mashkiiziibii Natural Resources Department (MNRD) is tasked with facilitating “the development of institutions of tribal self-governance to ensure the continued sovereignty of the Bad River Tribe in the regulation and management of its natural resources” by enforcing the environmental codes and ordinances passed by the Tribal Council that protect the natural resources of the Reservation for the next seven generations.

Below is information and forms for the Project Review Process. This process was supported by the Bad River Tribal Council through motion on August 1, 2018.


Since implementing the Project Review Process (PRP) in 2018, MNRD has been working through reviews while collecting ideas on how to improve the first PRP. Now at the end of one year and the beginning on another (2022) we are happy to transition to a new cloud-based format that will improve the process for applicants and our staff. We’ve put together some information to aide this transition — please take the time to look it over before submitted your first Project Review in Version 2.0.

A Comparison of Old and New

General Process Workflow

Starting a Preliminary Project Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Review Information & Forms

Form Name
Preliminary Project Review
MNRD Staff Directory
Contact Information for Resources Outside of MNRD
Access Permit (fillable PDF), Access Permit (printable only PDF)
Access Permit Fees (effective 10/1/18) 
Access Permits in Emergency Situations (PDF)
Anti-degradation Demonstration for Outstanding Resource Waters (Tier 2.5 Waters) and for Exceptional Resource Waters (Tier 2 Waters)
Anti-degradation Demonstration for Outstanding Tribal Resource Waters (Tier 3 Waters)
Bad River THPO Section 106 NHPA Compliance: On-Reservation Request for Review Form
Bad River THPO Fee Schedule of Services
Invasive Species Equipment Inspection Handout
MNRD Non-Local Beings webpage
Recommended Avoidance Guidelines for some Wildlife Species on Bad River Reservation
Open Burning, Burn Barrel, and Fire Prevention Ordinance (Chapter 376 of the Bad River Conservation Code)
Wetland Application (Wetland and Watercourse Protection Ordinance – WWPO)
Wetland Application Instructions
Wetland Application Fees for Pipeline Projects (effective 8/5/21)