Housing Board

  • Dan Wiggins Jr.
  • Suzette Rembert
  • Liz Wabindato
  • Mary Kaulity
  • Alan Pero, Sr.
  • Tribal Council Liason – Milisa Corbine
  • Tribal Counci Liason – Mike Berlin


Meets At the Bad River Housing Authority

Contact: Jennifer Toribio-Warren, BRHA Director
715-682-2271 (x1668)

By Laws

Health Board

  • Isabelle Dolly Kappeler
  • Frank Connors Sr.
  • Sylvia Cloud
  • Lenore Plucinski
  • Agnes Swarzek
  • Mary Lou Salawater


 Board meets the last Tuesday of the Month
At the Bad River Health & Wellness Center

Contact: Deb Tutor, Clinic Administrator

Police Commission Board

  • Myron Burns Sr
  • Sue Houle
  • Jim Stone
  • Joe Maday
  • Lisa Toman
  • Advisory Member: Mick Brennan
  • Advisory Member: Brian Zupke


Commission meets 1st Monday of the month

Contact: 715-682-7111

By Laws

Elderly Advisory Board

  • Loretta Livingston
  • Evelyn Stone
  • Mary Lou Salawater
  • Star Ames
  • Gladys Neveaux
  • Sandy Kolodjieski
  • Mary Jo Rose


Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month

Contact: 715-682-7127