Education Committee (JOM)

  • Chair: Zoongee Mayotte
  • Vice-Chair: Aurora Conley
  • Secretary: Liz Wabinato
  • Member: Michelle Derusha
  • Member: Valerie Bigboy
  • Member: Dawn O’Connor
  • Member: VACANT


Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 5p
At the Chief Blackbird Center in Conference Room C

Contact: Stephanie Julian, Education Director
715-682-7111 (x1530 or 1533)

Judgement Fund Committee

  • Chair: Joe Maday
  • Vice-Chair: Genevieve Powless
  • Member: Marge Lemieux
  • Member: Jackie Rose
  • Member: Andy Maday
  • Member: Jody Lowmaster
  • Member: Joyce Lemieux


Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month
At the Chief Blackbird Center in Conference Room C

Contact: Jody Bigboy-Lowmaster
715-682-7111 (x1511)


Membership Committee

  • Chair: Linton Rembert
  • Vice-Chair: LeAnne Rosin
  • Member: Lynn Wiggins
  • Member: Gwenda White
  • Member: Mary Kaulaity
  • Member: Wendy Corbine
  • Member: Megan Powless


Committee meets 1st Tuesday of the Month
At the Enrollment Office in the Chief Blackbird Center

Contact: Theresa Couture, Enrollment Clerk
715-682-7111 (x1525)


Pow Wow Committee

  • Member: Donna Lynk
  • Member: Zoongee Mayotte
  • Member: Nate Ante
  • Member: Ashley Stone
  • Member: RaeAnn Maday
  • Member: Marcene Jennings
  • COUNCIL LIASON Dylan Jenning


Weekly after June 1st. Thursdays 
At the Bad River Casino

Contact: 715-682-7111

Repatriation Committee

Historic Preservation Review Board

  • Member: Lawrence Plucinski
  • Member: Esie Leoso-Corbine
  • Member: Lori Lemieux
  • Member: Joe Dan Rose
  • Member: VACANT
  • Member: VACANT


Contact: Edith Leoso, THPO/NAGRPA Director
715-682-7123 (x1662)


HS/EHS Parent Policy Council

Head Start and Early Head Start

  • Chair: William Burns, Jr.
  • Vice-Chair: Jennifer Stone
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Wrazidlo
  • Voting Member Rep (HS): Lawrence Wherley, Jr.
  • Voting Member Rep (HS): Sandy Kolodziejski
  • Voting Member Rep (HS/EHS): Hope Mayotte
  • Voting Member Rep (EHS): Donelle Bender


Varying Thursdays of the month
At the Head Start Building

Contact: Head Start Office @ 715-682-7144


Madeline Island Committee

  • Member: Pat Nemec
  • Member: Edith Leoso
  • Member: Esie Leoso-Corbine
  • Member: Charles Connors Sr.
  • Member: Erica Ferguson
  • Member: Sarah Principato
  • Member: Tracy Bigboy
  • Member: Faye Maday
  • Member: Tony Gilane
  • Member: Shellie Swanson


As Called at the Blackbird Center

Contact: Doug Jennings, Tribal Planner
715-682-7111 (x1593)