Social & Family Services

Social & Family Services

The mission of the Bad River Department of Social and Family Services is to provide services, referrals, and program support that promote self-sufficiency, family unity through our cultural teachings, economic stability, and wellbeing to eligible families in our service area.

Child Care Assistance Program– Assists families in paying for child care so the parent can work, attend school, train or have their children cared for in a family emergency.

Child Advocate- The Child Advocate provides assistance for a child that is living in an abusive environment. This could include referrals and services that will aid the child.

Domestic Abuse Program -Providing crisis intervention, legal advocacy, restraining order assistance, Judi care referral support, support groups, emergency shelter, transportation and other services. The Child Advocate provides assistance for a child that is living in an abusive environment. This could include referrals and services that will aid the child.

Economic Support– Eligibility determinations for services that include Medicaid, Child Care, Food Share.

Elderly/Aging Nutrition Program– Offering dine in meals at the Elderly Center Monday thru Friday and meals on wheels for the home bound. Also offering medical & personal shopping transportation, in-home health services to assist with personal care, light housekeeping & meal preparation.

Emergency Food Shelf– Providing a short term supply of food to individuals or families in need.

Energy Assistance Program (EAP) The EAP provides services to WI qualified residential households with energy assistance and weatherization needs. Other services that may be available include crisis assistance, emergency fuel assistance, pro-active co-payment plans, emergency furnace repair and replacement.

Family Resource Management– Enables community members in, or close to being in, financial crisis to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to better manage their monies and resources to maintain self-sufficiency.

Food Distribution Program-The food distribution program distributes USDA foods to eligible low income households on or near the reservation.

General Assistance-Financial assistance for eligible clients to meet essential needs while they are searching for work or applying for other financial assistance.

Summer Feeding Program– Offers healthy, nutritious meals throughout the summer months to children up to the age of 18.

Coordinated Services Team Initiative (CST)-Support and services for families involved in multiple systems of care, such as AODA, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice and special education.

Coordinated Community Response (CCR) -To coordinate the efforts, objectives and services of various tribal and non-tribal agencies involved in any way in incidents of domestic abuse, sexual assault, enforcement of restraining orders, stalking, harassment, etc. To protect and effectively help victims of abuse and to hold accountable those who abuse.

Indian Child Welfare (ICW) -To protect the best interest of Indian children and promote the stability of Indian tribes and families. The ICW workers assumes responsibility, on behalf of the tribe, for the protection, care and wellbeing of at-risk children who are enrolled or eligible for enrollment in the tribe.

Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) – To provide families with temporary financial support so they can manage their home and family’s needs during their time of crisis. Assists parent with work experience and job skills to gain employment and break the cycle of welfare in Native American families. Referrals are also available in certain instances.

*Income and residency guidelines apply to some programs

Department Directory

ProgramTitleContactEmailWork Cell #Office Phone #Desk Ext.
AdministrationDirectorEsie 292-0067(715) 682-71271411
AdministrationAdministrative AssistantSamantha 682-71271400
Resource Center
ManagerGina 685-4483(715) 682-71271434
Resource Center
Case ManagerMissy 292-4001(715) 682-71271438
Resource Center
Case ManagerGloria 685-8007(715) 682-71271413
Resource Center
Dibenindizo Program Coordinator/
Foster Care-Kinship Care Case Worker
Shane 292-8733(715) 682-71271436
Resource Center
Bizindadedah Project Director Maggie 292-5390(715) 682-71271432
Resource Center
Home Safety Services WorkerHope 209-5652(715) 682-71271445
Child AdvocateChild AdvocateDarla O’ 685-4784(715) 682-71271402
Child CareChild Care CoordinatorJamie 292-5773(715) 682-71271401
Coodinate Service Team (CST)CST CoordinatorKim 682-71271412
Domestic & Sexual AbuseCoordinator, Domestic Violence &
Sexual Assault Advocate, Legal Lay Advocate
Heidi-Beth 292-8453(715) 682-71271402
Energy AssistanceWHEAP WorkerJackie 682-71271429
Family ResourceFamily Resource ManagerKathy 682-71271410
Family ResourceFamily Resource Manager AssistantKathy 682-71271416
General AssistanceGeneral Assistance/CrisisLynn 682-71271406
Income MaintenanceEconomic Support WorkerJessenia 682-71271407
Income MaintenanceEconomic Support WorkerAshley 682-71271404
TANFTANF Program ManagerWendy 685-4074(715) 682-71271405
TANFTANF Case ManagerGeorgianne 979-1314(715) 682-71271408

Aging Services Directory

TitleContactEmailWork Cell #Office Phone #Desk Ext.
DirectorSandy 292-4714(715) 682-71501495
Office AssistantEvelyn 682-7150 1496
Aging & Disability ResourceDan Powless, (715) 682-71271440

Elder Center Fax #: (715) 685-2741

Victim Assistance Directory

TitleContactEmailWork Cell #Office Phone #Desk Ext.
Crime Victim CoordinatorTracy 292-2704(715) 682-71271480
Crime Victim AdvocateTiffany 292-5073(715) 682-71271482
Crime Victim Admin. Assist.Brigette (715) 682-7127 1481

Crime Victims Fax #: (715) 682-7883

Food Distribution Services Directory

TitleContactEmailWork Cell #Office Phone #Desk Ext.
Food Distribution CoordinatorMilisa 682-79821330
Warehouse ForemanJustin Rufus(715) 682-7982 1331
Warehouse WorkerJosh Johnson(715) 682-7982 1332
Warehouse WorkerCarl Jensen(715) 682-7982 1333

Food Distribution (“Commods”) Building Fax #: (715) 685-7845

Contact – Social & Family Services

Mailing Address:PO Box 55, Odanah, WI 54861
Physical Address:72772 Elm Street, Odanah, WI 54861
Building Name:Community Center
Department Phone Number:(715) 682-7127
Department Fax Number: (715) 682-7883