Youth Programs

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Healthy Lifestyles

The Healthy Lifestyle Program’s main goal is to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes in youth ages 3-18 years old within the Bad River community through physical fitness activities and nutrition education. 

Other planned activities are planned during the summer months. Seasonal activity  planned for youth such as; wrestling, volleyball, soccer, basketball, dodge ball, baseball, kickball, sharks & minnows, soccer, and other indoor and outdoor physical fitness/conditioning activities. 

The Healthy Lifestyles program also provides seasonal Cultural activities, such as hiking to the Bad River Falls, Wild Rice camp, Maple syrup camp, Dip netting, Spearing, fishing and ice fishing trips.

Native Connections

Native Connections is a five-year grant program that helps American Indian and Alaska Native communities identify and address the behavioral health needs of Native youth.

The Native Connections grant program supports grantees in:

  • Reducing suicidal behavior and substance use among Native youth up to age 24
  • Easing the impacts of substance use, mental illness, and trauma in tribal communities
  • Supporting youth as they transition into adulthood

For details on this SAMHSA supported program, visit the website here:

Juvenile Justice

The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act of 1974 established the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency prevention (OJJDP) to support local and state efforts to prevent delinquency and improve the juvenile justice system. OJJDP collaborates with professionals from diverse disciplines to improve juvenile justice policies and practices by supporting states, local communities, and Tribal jurisdictions in their efforts to develop and implement effective programs for juveniles. The Office strives to strengthen the juvenile justice system’s efforts to protect public safety, hold offenders accountable, and provide services that address the needs of youth and their families.

Find more information about the OJJDP efforts, visit their website here:

Youth Sweeper Van

The Sweeper Van is available to help families that occasionally miss the bus since October 2019. Bad River Youth department encourages daily attendance at school, participating in activities, and following our grandfather teachings. We encourage parental participation.

Calls will be accepted from 8:00am-8:30am each school morning.
We leave for school at 8:30am to pick up students for our daily run.
Rides are given to students living within the Bad River reservation boundaries.

Students and parents must sign the code of conduct and acknowledge that the Sweeper Van can only be utilized two times a week maximum.

There is an activity van available for after school activities, the Sweep-er Van is for rides to school only.

If you would like to hear about programs provided at no cost to you and your family, please call Lynn Bigboy, 715-682-7111 x1439 or email:

Sweeper Van Policies (PDF) (updated 2/14/20)

Number to call: 715-292-5204 (Fred Pero)

Other Bad River Youth Programs

Birch Hill Community House

The community house is operated through the Bad River Housing Authority. For contact information, please visit the BRHA page.

Mashkisibi Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club is operated independently but has provided fun, educational programs to the youth of Bad River since 2003! Visit their website for more information:

Summer Feeding Program

The Bad River Summer Feeding Program is funded by USDA, and provides nutritious meals to children during the summer when free and reduced-price schools meals are unavailable. Free meals will be made available to eligible children 18 years of age and under. Persons over 18 years of who are determined by a state or local public educational agency to be mentally or physically disabled and who also participate in a public or private non-profit school program during the regular school year may receive free meals as well. 

Please visit the Bad River Social & Family Services page for contact information.

Youth Department Directory

TitleContactEmailWork CellDesk Extension
DirectorLynn BigboyL.bigboy@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-81421439
Youth Services CoordinatorFred Peroyouthprog@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-52041660
Youth Services Coordinator Dan Powless, Jr.youth1@badriver-nsn.gov715-862-08651604
Healthy Lifestyles ManagerNate Anten.ante@BadRiverHWC.com715-292-99521609
Healthy Lifestyles CoordinatorVACANT
Juvenile Justice CoordinatorAmy GonzalezJJC@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-21621486
Native Connections ManagerMary Kaulity Nelisnativeconnectionsmgr@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-50731612
Native Connections CoordinatorStar Amess.ames@BadRiverHWC.com715-292-57151615
Mailing Address: PO Box 39, Odanah, WI 54861
Physical Address: 53872 Oak Street
Building Name: Annex Building
Department Phone Number: 715-685-7840