Mashkiiziibii Natural Resources Department


Mission Statement

To uphold the tribal constitution and to implement the policies and regulations duly adopted and enacted by the Bad River Tribe as they relate to management and protection of the tribal natural resources;

To provide technical assistance to the Bad River Tribe in the protection, conservation, development and management of the natural resources throughout the Bad River Reservation and its treaty fishing waters in Lake Superior, thereby insuring access to traditional pursuits by present and future members of the Tribe;

To facilitate the development of institutions of tribal self-governance to insure the continued sovereignty of the Bad River Tribe in the regulation and management of its natural resources;

To extend the mission to maintain ecosystem integrity, recognizing that all forms of life cannot be sustained long-term in an environment that has been degraded; To use the best available science and affordable technology in efforts to protect the ecosystem and the broader environment;

To infuse traditional tribal values into the daily activities of the Department and manage the natural resources with the respect traditionally given them.

Department Directory

ProgramNameTitleEmailWork CellDesk ExtensionOffice Location
Natural Resources Dept.Naomi TillisonDirectornrdirector@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-01971561Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Natural Resources Dept.Dan Wiggins Jr.Deputy Directornrdeputy@badriver-nsn.gov715-979-
1630Cultural Education Center
Natural Resources Dept.Malita SmartAdministrative AssistantDNRrecept@badriver-nsn.gov715-979-
1550Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Natural Resources Dept.Berthea OlbyOutreach CoordinatorNRDOutreach@badriver-nsn.gov1589Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Air QualityNathan KilgerAir Quality
1555Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Air QualityZakkary ZanderAir Quality Technician
Admin – Nat. Res. Dept.
Bakaaningoji Gaa-ondaadayBridget ThornburgNon-local Beings Program 715-979-
1558Cultural Education Center
Bakaaningoji Gaa-ondaadayNoah ArbuckleNon-Local Beings
1537Cultural Education Center
BrownfieldAndrew SpychallaBrownfield Specialistbrownfields@badriver-nsn.gov715-685-
1587Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Climate ChangeVACANTClimate Change Coordinatorclimate@badriver-nsn.gov1617Cultural Education Center
EnvironmentalJessica StrandEnvironmental Specialistenvironmental@badriver-nsn.gov715-685-
1551Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
FisheriesJacob RodmakerFisheries Specialistfisheryspecialist@badriver-nsn.gov1552Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Fisheries Ed LeosoHatchery Foreman/ Fisheries Technicianfishtech@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-
FisheriesElise KehleCommercial Fisheries Observercommfish@badriver-nsn.gov314-302-
Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
FisheriesTyler BenderHatchery Crew Member
FisheriesPeter HouleHatchery Crew Member
FisheriesGeronimo WillisHatchery Crew Member
FisheriesHilary ButlerHatchery Crew Member
FisheriesHatchery Building715-682-
ForestryGena AbramsonForestry Specialist/Foresterforester@badriver-nsn.gov715-685-
1563Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
ForestryTyrease JamesForestry Technician/
1563Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Inaakidese (Energy)Jillian LojasEnergy Coordinatorenergycoordinator@badriver-nsn.govCultural Education Center
Manoomin (Wild Rice)Dan Powless Sr.Manoomin Oshkaabewismanoomin@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-
1661Cultural Education Center
RealtyBrandon NeveauxLease
Admin – Nat. Res. Dept.
RealtyCharles Connors Sr.Land Office ManagerLandManagement@badriver-nsn.gov1588Admin – Nat. Res. Dept.
RealtyAurora ConleyLand Records In-Take Specialistlandrecords@badriver-nsn.gov1587Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) Larry “Moose” PlucinskiTribal Historical Preservation Officerthpo@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-
1662Cultural Education Center
Tribal Historic Preservation OfficeGavin D’AcquistoDeputy THPOdeputythpo@badriver-nsn.gov1618Cultural Education Center
Tribal Historic Preservation OfficeVACANTTHPO Assistantthpocc@badriver-nsn.gov1618Cultural Education Center
Tribal Historic Preservation OfficePaula MadayMuseum Coordinatorpaula.maday@badriver-nsn.gov1620Cultural Education Center
Water ResourcesChris McNerneyWater Resources Program Managerwqs@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-
1566Admin – Nat. Res. Dept.
Water Resources VACANTWetlands Specialistwetlands@badriver-nsn.gov1602Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Water ResourcesKaylee HouleWater Regulatory Specialistwaterreg@badriver-nsn.gov1548Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
Water Resources Nick BlanchardWater Resources Technician/ Lab Coordinatorwrtech@badriver-nsn.gov715-979-
1549Admin – Nat. Res. Dept.
Water Resources Mark ArbuckleWater Resources Technicianwatertech@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-
1565Admin – Natural Resources Dept.
WildlifeTaylor Parker-GreeneWildlife Specialistwildlife@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-
1554Cultural Education Center
Wildlife Kris ArbuckleWildlife Technicianwildlifetech@badriver-nsn.gov1559Cultural Education Center
WildlifeLouis LozinskiOrnithology 715-292-
1567Admin – Natural Resources Dept.

Other Departmental Contacts
NameTitleEmailWork CellDesk ExtensionOffice Location
Education Dept. – Indigenous Arts & Sciences Nathanael SecorIndigenous Arts & Sciences CoordinatorIAS@badriver-nsn.gov1535Cultural Education Center
Legal Dept/MNRD (THPO)VACANTPolicy
1547Admin – Legal Dept.
Planning Dept. – Conservation EnforcementBrad BigboyChief Conservation Wardenchiefwarden@badriver-nsn-gov715-292-
1560Birch Hill Station
Planning Dept. – Conservation EnforcementPatrick ConnorsConservation WardenBRNRWarden@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-
1572Birch Hill Station
Planning Dept. – Conservation EnforcementPierce MadayConservation Wardenwarden@badriver-nsn.gov715-292-
1572Birch Hill Station
Planning Dept. – Conservation EnforcementTim OjaConservation Wardenmnrdwarden@badriver-nsn.gov715-979-
1572Birch Hill Station
Planning Dept. – Conservation EnforcementVACANTMNRD Registration
Planning Dept. – GISMatt EitremGIS (Geographic Information System) 1510Admin – Natural Resources Dept.

Reflecting the mission statement, the Department strives for resource management which both conserves the natural resources for the future generations and provide for the needs of the present. The departments existence reflects the importance the Bad River Tribe places on its right and ability to exercise sovereignty, self-determination and self-regulation in the area of natural resource management.


Contact – Natural Resources Department

Mailing Address:PO Box 39, Odanah, WI 54861
Physical Address:72682 Maple Street, Odanah, WI 54861
Building Name:Chief Blackbird Center
Department Phone Number:715-682-7123
To Dial a Department Office Extension Directly:715-685-7840 (and then the four-digit extension)
Department Fax Number: 715-682-7118