2024 Bad River Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian Off-Rez Locator Form

2024 Bad River Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian off-Rez locator form (alchemer.com)

We need the addresses for any Native American/Alaskan/Hawaiian living, or ANY BUSINESS Native-owned, in any of the following ZIP codes:

  • Gurney 54559
  • Mellen 54546
  • Highbridge 54646
  • Marengo 54855
  • Saxon 54559
  • Ashland 54806 and
  • Hurley 54534.

Bad River is applying for a federal grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to put fiber to Native American (any Tribe) homes or businesses in the communities listed above. (Or in certain neighborhoods of the communities above.)

The address information will be used as justification of Bad River’s request of funding to provide service to areas inside and beyond our 124,000+ acre of unceded territory. Names do not need to be disclosed as this is of no consequence for the purposes of the release request.