Bad River Department of Social & Family Services

Child Advocate

The Child Advocate position is funded by the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, Office of Crime Victim Services. “VOCA” The Child Advocate provides assistance for children who are living in an abusive environment to include Neglect, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse. “This position is here to protect the children”

Services Provided:
If you are aware of a child who is a victim of a Crime this funding will aid the child with any or all of the following services.
  • One on one counseling
  • Referrals for other services
  • Supply food
  • Supply clothing
  • Transportation
  • Shelter
  • Cultural ceremonies
  • Ceremonial healings
  • Group activities
For more information please contact:
Bad River Child Advocate
(715) 682-7127 ext.1403
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