Bad River Department of Social & Family Services

Coordinate Service Team Initiative (CST)

CST is a state funded grant program. The program is designed around a strength based model and aims to help children/families coordinate their current services or direct them to services available to achieve balance. Support and services for children/families that have multiple needs in direct services such as, AODA, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice and special education.

The following is eligibility criteria:
Child is a Native American
Child is living in Ashland County
Child is aged between birth and high school graduation (HSED or GED
Child is involved in two of the following services:
  • Mental Health (therapy or medication management)
  • Special Education
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Child Protective Services
  • AODA
Other interventions have not been successful overtime Child is at risk of out of home placement Parents are willing to be involved is the CST Team Process

For more information please contact:
CST Coordinator
(715) 682-7127 ext. 1412
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.