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Through staff of the Wildlife Program, generous help from the GLRI and Circle of Flight, and partnerships with the WDNR and the NPS, the Bad River Natural Resources Department has been able to implement a migizi study, to find out what contaminants are present in our local environment that can potentially impact migizigag on the reservation.

So far, unfortunately, traces of lead have been detected in migizi chick blood. With this information, the BRNRD plans to expand the study to include a larger range of migizi territory, to begin diet analysis to help pinpoint the source of contaminants, and to increase education and outreach efforts to reduce the use of toxic lead products on the reservation (for example, lead sinkers used in fishing or lead shots used for hunting). We thank you for considering our sacred creatures first before engaging in the use of any type of lead product or other contaminant. 




In order to test migizi for contaminants, nesting trees were scaled with climbing equipment and the flightless chicks were brought to ground level to be weighed, measured, and have blood samples drawn.