National Ambient Air Quality Standards were set across the United States in the Clean Air Act of 1970. To further protect public health and welfare, environmental health, and preserve and protect air quality, the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) program was included in amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1977. 

The goal of the PSD program is to protect public health and welfare from the adverse effects of increased air pollution. The PSD program works to achieve these aims while ensuring that economic growth occurs in harmony with the preservation of air quality. PSD provisions do not affect current air emissions, the provisions are designed to prevent significant deterioration from baseline air quality. 

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Prevention of Significant Deterioration Classes

The PSD program created three classifications:

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Class I PSD Redesignation Procedure

The PSD program mandated certain federal Class I areas when initially passed by Congress. In addition, the PSD program allows for States and Tribal Nations to redesignate areas from Class II to Class I or Class III. The redesignation procedure is described in 40 C.F.R. 52, § 52.21.

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Bad River Class I PSD Redesignation

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa notified the U.S. EPA of its intent to redesignate the air quality status on the Bad River Reservation in northern Wisconsin from Class II to Class I. This proposed change will help the Tribe protect its air quality and allow the Tribe to develop land use plans that are compatible with Tribal cultural beliefs and its renewable resources.



Bad River Class I PSD Redesignation Documents

Documents concerning the redesignation of the Bad River Reservation are available as digital documents. Click the PDF icon to open the document, or right-click to download the file.


Class I Analysis PDF icon  Bad River Band's Class I Redesignation Analysis - posted on 1/16/2015

Class I Analysis PDF icon  Class I Redesignation Notice PDF

Class I Analysis PDF icon  Brief summaries of the core components of the Class I Redesignation Analysis



Locations of the Class I Redesignation Analysis document

Printed copies of the Class I Analysis document have been placed in libraries surrounding the Bad River Reservation. The following libraries each have a copy of the document for public review:

Please click the name of each library to be directed to that library's website to obtain the library's address and hours of operation. 



Bad River Class I PSD Redesignation Timeline

As part of the redesignation process, a public hearing will be scheduled and a public comment period will be opened. Public hearing dates have been posted on 16 January 2015.


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Submission of Comments

Comments may be given orally at either of the two public hearings. Written comments may be submitted at any time during the open comment period, either via mail or email. Oral comments will be given equal weight as written comments.

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Bad River Air Quality Program 

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