Mission statement

Our overall goal of the Environmental Clean-up & Brownfield Redevelopment Program is to set in motion the process of making the sites safe and prepared for redevelopment, as well as to ensure that contamination does not threaten public health and the environment during and after assessment, cleanup, and redevelopment for the site.

Enviromental Clean-up

One part of this program is Environmental Clean-up. The first goal in the clean-up process is to make the site no longer a threat to public safety or the environment.

Brownfield Redevelopment

The second half of the process involves improving a site enough to make the site reuseable in the future. A site that has been cleaned enough to be considered not a concern does not mean that the site is able to be reused. 

Bad River Sites of Concern

A list of the Bad River Sites of Concern can be found here.

Program News

Program has hired two employees! Meet John and Jeff.

Environmental News

GTAC Sucks.

Contact us

Please contact us for any questions regarding brownfields or for any information that you may be have regarding local brownfields/possible brownfields. 
Office Phone: (715) 682-7123 ext. 1587
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