On July 6, 2011, the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians adopted Water Quality
Standards (WQS). One of the three key components of the WQS is an antidegradation policy, which
protects existing uses and prevents clean waters from being unnecessarily degraded. Under the
antidegradation policy, each waterbody is assigned to a tier that provides a basis for addressing
activities that would, or have the potential to, lower the quality of a body of water. Tiers identified in
the Tribe's antidegradation policy include: Outstanding Tribal Resource Waters (Tier 3 waters),
Outstanding Resource Waters (Tier 2.5 waters), and Exceptional Resource Waters (Tier 2 waters). New
or increased discharges may be allowed in Outstanding Resource Waters and Exceptional Resource
Waters if the applicable antidegradation demonstration and decision requirements are met.

The Tribe seeks comments on the proposed antidegradation decision related to the Bad River Head
Start Project. This project includes the construction of a new 8000 sqft facility, playground, and
parking lot within the vicinity of a tributary to Denomie Creek, an Exceptional Resource Water (Tier 2). (Read More)