Mold can nearly grow anywhere along as there is moisture and oxegon present. Molds are naturally present in the environment and are relied upon for the breakdown of leaves and other plant debris. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all molds, however it is possible to control excessive mold growth. 

Tiny spores are produced by mold and when moisture is present can began to grow and digest whatever material it lies upon. Mold damage can be avoided by simply removing the moisture (excessive water) issues. Although this may not always be easy it is necessary to control or eliminate the mold growth. 

Common areas for mold growth is bathrooms, basements, and near windows that repeatly condensate. mold can be contributed by multiple structural or appliance issues, which include: roof leaks, improperly working sinks, leaky plumbing, cracks in foundation, repeated flooding are just a few issues. 


Health Effects

Unfortunately, all molds have the potential to cause health effects among people. Severity and type of mold present, the exposure level, the age of person, and any existing sensitivities or allergies are all factors in the severity of the symptons and health effects. 

Headaches, skin irritation, aggravation of asthma symptons, allergic reaction, and breathing difficulties may potentially all be related to mold being present.  


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